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Counterfeit money exchanging hands in Charles City area

Charles City, Iowa – The Charles City Police Department is warning area residents of a money scam after banks and businesses have reported counterfeit currency.

Police Chief Hugh Anderson says it’s not just big bills, but small bills too.


Some aspects of the larger bills change color when held to a light and certain insignias, such as the person in the middle of the bill appears on the side.

Anderson says older bills are becoming more popular to change.


Money can change hands through people to businesses and to the banks where they’re catching the problem after deposits.

He says educating employees is the best alternative.


You can get in trouble for passing the counterfeit bills according to Anderson.

He says it’s a good idea to check the cash in your purse or wallet.


Anderson added while the trend is popping up locally, it’s also not common to see it in other areas.

If you have questions call the non-emergency line at 228-3366.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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