Corn growth making uncontrolled intersections tedious

Driving with ample corn can cause visibility issues

Charles City – Corn continues to mature across Iowa, while it may be beneficial to farmers, it does leave a danger for drivers who are traveling on rural roads.

Floyd County Deputy Sheriff Travis Bartz says tall corn can tower into line of sights reducing visibility at uncontrolled rural intersections.


Another factor complicating driver safety he says is dust.


According to Bartz, the majority of accidents he’s responded to are with drivers who are unfamiliar with the terrain.

Floyd County alone is a home to over 400 intersections with 300 uncontrolled increasing the risk for a collision.
With rural road conditions continue to be problematic across the state, Bartz says frost boils make this driving season even more challenging.


Bartz says the best thing for drivers to do is go back to the basics.



He added property owners can trim back weeds and grass along the road to improve line of sights.




Chris Berg

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