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Riceville adding school, community wellness center

Riceville, Iowa – The Riceville school district and its community is designing a multi-million dollar wellness center for students and residents to use.

Superintendent Barb Schwmann told North Iowa News they’re joining one of many small communities who are joining forces to improve health and wellness. 


The addition would be added to the north side of the school building.  It will add courts which helps alleviate a scheduling jam with in the district according to Schwamann.

She says some grades weren’t able to access them.


Schwmann adds the project needs to remain fiscally responsible.  A bond issue doesn’t need to be held because they’re already utilizing available school funding.

She says the goal is to remain around $2.5 million dollars, but they are waiting to send out bids to nail down a final number.



Overall, she says this a positive for an already flourishing school district and community.


Swchamann didn’t specify a timeline on when they would break ground.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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