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King asks for Democratic, Iowa Delegation support for USMCA agreement at town hall

Charles City, Iowa –  Fourth Congressional District Representative Steve King is calling on the Iowa delegation to speak in support of the United States-Mexico-Canada-Trade Agreement.

King, who spoke at a town hall in Charles City Tuesday, says some push back on the trade deal doesn’t matter because it’s an up and down vote.


Canada and Mexico approved the deal the first time according to King. They’re waiting for second-round approval until the U.S. passes it.

He says they need to do a better job of growing the democratic vote. 


USMCA replaced the North America Free Trade Agreement and was drafted in September of last year has been signed by all countries, but is yet to be ratified by Canada and the U.S. 

King says USMCA is a better deal than NAFTA.


He specifically didn’t mention what the other categories were.

King also spoke on immigration, red flag laws and Iowa’s heartbeat bill.  You can hear more of the interview in the upcoming newscasts.


Chris Berg

Chris was born in Webster City and raised in Charles City. As a young kid, he would always be caught singing along to songs on the radio. He says he's good at karaoke but we think otherwise. ;) In his free time, he enjoys beginning new projects at home and hardly ever finishing them. Chris lives in Charles City with his wife Vicki, daughter Brynlee and son Jaxon.
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