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FCMC looking at levying taxes, sending out petitions

Charles City, Iowa – In an effort to secure stable and reliable funding for the Floyd County Medical Center, hospital officials are asking county residents to vote for a tax levy on November 5.

Administrator Rod Nordeng says before election day comes, they have to get the measure on the ballot. 


When medicare and medicaid insurance changed, it left damaging effects on the hospital’s operating income, according to Nordeng.

Floyd County granted FCMC a quarter of a million dollars this year but the continuous low reimbursement costs are to blame.


Nordeng says the result is a near $750,000 reduction in reimbursement which is equal to their operating income.

It also includes a twelve-cent on-the-dollar reduction pay back from insurance.

He says the solution is having a levee generating $500,000 per year.


Step one includes getting 300 petition signatures to put it on the ballot.

Nordeng says he’s confident county residents will have a voice.


He added if they can’t cover their operating costs, they will review the services they provide. 


Nordeng says if you’re interested in signing the petition to contact the hospital and they will answer any questions you have. Signatures are due in early September to the county.  


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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