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Malik Knighten – Former Comet, rising star

Malik came on the show to tell about his life and his passions!

Charles City native Malik Knighten, started his music career singing the National Anthem in between Comet basketball and football games. The town quickly knew him as a talented vocalist, but many didn’t expect Malik to move to L.A. during his senior year of high school, to become the fifth member of the boy-band Next Town Down.

The four other members of Next Town Down – Leon, Tre’Von, Terence, and Chris are from all corners of the country, including – Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, and New York; Malik says this is a huge reason that their band is unlike any before it.


Next Town Down, after mending together as a group, created a YouTube channel, which now has over 700 hundred thousand subscribers, and began to release cover videos. One of these videos titled, “Evolution of Boy-bands,” has over 3.7 million views as of today. Malik and the group are nearing wide-spread fame and says he can feel it in the air and credits his Charles City friends for giving him the confidence to do it all.


Malik admits he has always been at his core, a dreamer – and hopes he can instill the importance dreaming in the next generation.


Next Town Down is at the edge of fame. Malik says all the band members are studio-rats and has recorded over 100 original songs since moving to L.A. He promises an E.P. and an album are on the horizon. When asked if Malik was happy to be home in Charles City, he smiled and said:



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