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‘Litterer’ days away form induction into the Iowa Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame – Steve Litterer interview (8-27-2019)

Country Comets to Litterer Brothers to just Litterer!

Charles City – On September 1st, the band Litterer will perform their induction set for the 2019 Iowa Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. The Charles City homegrown group, will open the show by singing a song called ‘City Lights’ which perfectly summarizes what it was like for these small-town musicians to receive a bit of attention, and have their eyes opened to the bright-big-world outside of Floyd County.

That was Steve Litterer, the guitarist and back-up vocalist for the band. Steve, was joined by his two brothers: Tom and Dave, his sister: Carlene, and a fifth member Brent Estlund who was the only non-Litterer to grace the stage with the group. When asked how the band is holding up for the induction concert, Steve was confident.

Steve loved every minute that he toured and could not recall a time he ever felt burnt-out. He recalls being blown-away at one of his concerts.

Steve even credits touring with the inception of his family, since he met his wife Lori on the road.

As of today, Litterer doesn’t know whether or not they will be using this recent industry momentum into going back on tour, but Steve says not to rule anything out. 


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