Farmers’ Almanac: colder and snowier winter

Sound-off from Charles City!

Iowa – After last year’s frigid winter, Iowans are well seasoned on gloomy weather. The Farmers’ Almanac winter prediction for the state consists of a continuation of last year – much colder and snowier than normal. Carter Melrose, went out on the streets of Charles City to ask locals how this made them feel.


That was local Renee Harris, who had a hard time imagining a worse winter than last year. However skeptics for the prediction exist, meteorologist Brooke Hagenhoff (HAY-gun-hoff) of the National Weather Service says for starters, there’s no solid indication that temperatures will be exceptionally frigid. Charles City resident Jean agrees.


And Sue Baron another resident says if this prediction is accurate that we had it coming.

Regardless of who is right, Iowa winter promises to be just as cold as we remember it.


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