Farmers’ Almanac predicts ‘polarcoaster’ winter ahead for Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa – The new edition of the Farmers’ Almanac predicts a freezing, frosty winter is ahead for Iowa and the rest of the Midwest.

Sandi Duncan, the publication’s managing editor, says they’re calling for above-normal snowfall and below-normal temperatures.


The Almanac is forecasting what it calls a “memorable” storm that will produce “hefty snows” for the region between January 20th and 23rd, followed by bitter cold as low as 40-below zero.


This past spring was lousy for many farmers in the region, with prolonged cold, wet weather and widespread flooding.

The Almanac is predicting essentially a repeat for next spring.


Meteorologists at the National Weather Service often put little stock in forecasts more than a few weeks out, but Duncan notes the Farmers’ Almanac has been predicting the weather for -longer- than the National Weather Service.

The Almanac’s forecasts extend out from six to 16 months and they’re based on a formula established two centuries ago.


She says those who follow the publication’s long-range outlooks say they’re 80-to-85-percent accurate.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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