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How to cope with being an empty nest parent

Helpful tips from Mayo Clinic

Charles City – School has now started all around the state, this could mean your youngest child is starting college; which could a void in your life. This phenomenon is known as empty nest syndrome and according to Mayo Clinic, can cause parents to struggle with finding value in their lives. Local parent Lorraine Winterink, has gone through this very transition.


Worry not, Mayo Clinic suggests that empty-nesters should stay positive, seek support, and attempt to stay in touch with their child. These actions should help parents cope with the glaring absence they feel in their homes.



Winterink, encourages spouses to rediscover activities they love to do with each other and also attempt to connect with your children on small levels.



Past parents have shone, empty nests don’t have to feel barren if you can find value in other parts of your life.

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