High turnover for high school sport referees

High school football season opened in Iowa with nearly 170 games last weekend, and parents, students and other fans are being reminded to behave responsibly. Chris Cuellar, a spokesman for the Iowa High School Athletic Association, says there’s a high turnover rate for athletic directors, coaches and especially for game officials like referees. 



The Boone-based association is issuing guidelines for fans who are heading to the athletic events, with the first rule being: Act your age.


The second guideline reminds parents not to live their lives vicariously through their kids.



There are about 80-thousand boys taking part in Iowa high school sports every year and some parents put a great amount of pressure on their sons to win a college scholarship. Cuellar reminds, that’s not what participating in a school sport is supposed to be about.



The main message he offers to sports fans is — be respectful and considerate.

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