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Teacher Tuesday Week 1: Ms. Josslynn Lovik

On the first week of Teacher Tuesday Ms. Josslynn Lovik joined Melrose in the Morning to unveil her goals and intentions as one of the new Charles City teachers. Lovik is currently teaching reading for the middle school and overall hopes her students can depend on her for at least one thing.

Lovik says that her passion for teaching was reinvigorated when she had her daughter, but that drive has always been inside her.

She wants her students to learn, but only if it would be conducive to do so. Lovik says she has no desire to force unsettled children into working.

The Charles City school system welcomes 15 new faculty members this fall and Melrose in the Morning will be interviewing one of them each week at 8 o’clock. Tune in and learn more about who is teaching the children!



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