Charles City Main Street murals possibly incoming

Charles City – In 2017, the city of Dubuque slapped a couple murals on the sides of buildings in their downtown area. It was such a rousing success, the city ordered 14 more almost immediately after they were unveiled. This is a signal of a growing trend in Iowa and around the country, where tan and gray buildings are being given a splash of color to brighten communities.


That was Charles City Mayor Dean Andrews, who says after his trip to Dubuque and seeing their craftsmanship, he is strongly considering a Main Street paint-job for Chuck Town.


Andrews says Charles City has always welcomed the arts with open arms.


Dubuque is among cities like Iowa City, which are all-in on upgrading underappreciated spaces in town to add beauty to the city. Charles City, with Andrews as the mouthpiece, could be the next downtown to splash murals on its walls.

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