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MercyOne New Hampton offering mental health first aid course

Estimated 20% of adults in the country suffer from mental illness, and about 50% of teenagers from ages 13 to 18 do as well. September is nationally known as Suicide Prevention Month. Mercy One New Hampton doesn’t take this lightly and on Tuesday are hosting a ‘Mental Health First Aid Class’ to make sure that we know what to do when our loved ones are going through tough times.


That was Mercy’s Jennifer Monteith who encourages everyone to take this class so we might have a city filled with people who are ready to act.


Monteith says during this course you will learn the 5-step action plan individuals need to know in order to successfully be there for your friends and family.


Mercy One New Hampton is also hosting a community forum titled, ‘Let’s Talk about Mental Health,’ which continues their efforts in making the topic less taboo in our society.

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