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Bids for Floyd County’s LEC project over budget by millions

Charles City, Iowa – Floyd County’s proposed 12 million dollar law enforcement center is over budget by nearly 4.5 million dollars.

The Board of Supervisors opened the second round of bid packages Tuesday morning and the total construction cost is $16,417,563.00, well over the 11.8 million dollar referendum.

One of the reasons for higher costs according to construction manager Sid Samuels is because they bid the law enforcement center and courthouse update together.

He says to better understand the increase they need to separate the two projects. 


Samuels told the board he would review details with contractors and see where cuts could be made.

For example, he said the law enforcement’s outer design could be changed, the amount of security cameras and general construction.

He says the board has 30 days to accept or reject any bid on the project and the entire time should be taken to review the details.


Cuts will have to be made to lower the total cost despite some areas already cutting costs. 


The board will meet with Samuels on September 24 to review changes after discussion between the contractors and the construction manager continue.


Chris Berg

Chris was born in Webster City and raised in Charles City. As a young kid, he would always be caught singing along to songs on the radio. He says he's good at karaoke but we think otherwise. ;) In his free time, he enjoys beginning new projects at home and hardly ever finishing them. Chris lives in Charles City with his wife Vicki, daughter Brynlee and son Jaxon.
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