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Clarksville Mayor calls drug problem in small towns a “serious problem”

Clarskville, Iowa – One Northeast Iowa Mayor is calling the state’s growing drug usage a “serious problem” in his small town of Clarksville.


According to Val Swinton, the town’s mayor, he sees more meth than any other drug-related case. 

The Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy reports while meth labs at a 12-year low, they’re reporting an all-time high of nearly 10,000 meth admissions to treatment facilities. 

Swinton says his two full-time and one part time police department is cracking down.


He estimates the federal court system in Sioux City has three or four of his residents on drug-related charges.

Swinton says he believes the problem is acute and the police department’s crusade is starting to be a deterrent.

Swinton credited the use – and in some states – the legalization of marjauana as a major factor in the demand for illegal drugs. 


The state’s office of drug control policy says opioid usage and marjuana usage continues to be at an all time high.  Swinton added his department will continue to pursue cases related to drugs and hopes other law enforcement agencies do too.


Chris Berg

Chris was born in Webster City and raised in Charles City. As a young kid, he would always be caught singing along to songs on the radio. He says he's good at karaoke but we think otherwise. ;) In his free time, he enjoys beginning new projects at home and hardly ever finishing them. Chris lives in Charles City with his wife Vicki, daughter Brynlee and son Jaxon.
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