School board cuts Comet Drive to save costs on softball, baseball complex

Charles City, Iowa – In an effort to help reduce the construction cost of Charles City’s baseball and softball complex, the board of education has approved the elimination of Comet Drive. 

Superintendent Mike Fisher says they studied the feasibility of the roadway’s purpose at the beginning of the school year . 


Eliminating Comet Drive will save $130,000 on a total project cost of over $2 million.  

Fisher says watching the flow of traffic, the results were unexpected and would leave little to no impact eliminating it.


Comet Drive did serve as a drainage ditch of sorts for storm water run off to funnel rainwater into a detention pond. 

According to Fisher, some residents were concerned about water building up in their backyards.


The district’s solution is creating a drainage ditch which would be specifically designed to curb excess water and funnel it to the pond.  

School officials add they’ve experienced normal traffic flow this year at the complex despite Comet Drive being closed to through traffic. 


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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