The Pub on the Cedar backing Carson King and Iowa

Charles City – Iowa has been buzzing about Carson King’s nearing a $2 million donation to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Levi Klinkel, manager of the Pub on the Cedar in Charles City, says this entire happening is a celebration of Iowa. That is why, the Pub on the Cedar decided to give one dollar to the hospital for every Iowa-based beer they sell in the restaurant.


The Pub already has donated $1,200 to King’s cause for all the Iowa beers sold in September, and hope they can add upon this momentum for October as well. Klinkel, says they are holding this promotion because as Iowan’s we should want to support each other.


The King chronicle did however, carry split media coverage, after the Des Moines Register uncovered some insensitive tweets that King published in 2012. The story later kept unwinding as the writer assigned to the  article, had his own racist tweets dug up from between 2010 and 2013.


The Pub on the Cedar will continue to give a dollar to King for every Iowa beer sold in October and hope to accumulate over $1,800 for the next donation.

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