Northeast Iowa schools using collaboration as key to new redesigns

Northeast Iowa – Several schools in the North Iowa News listening area are putting student collaboration at the forefront of student education.  

Nearly almost every school redesign has some element of it.

Take Osage for example, where Superintendent Barb Schwamann says their 13 million dollar project has utilized it.


She says renovations to classrooms, gyms and common spaces are not uncommon and school are being able to do it without using tax dollars.


Another example is New Hampton’s new middle school which opened this year features moveable classrooms, open spaces and opportunities for students to work with each other. 

Principal Matt Manson says they’re idea came from listening to area employers on skills needed for the workforce.


In Charles City, Superintendent Mike Fisher says they’re doing something similar with a group called Next 20.  

They’ve implemented a set of competencies to incorporate into the curriculum.

The competencies include The competencies include adaptability, integrity, critical thinking, communication, empathy and flexibility.   The district also constructed a multi-million dollar middle school which opened a couple of years ago.

Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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