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FCMC Iowa Code change and CC schools Revenue Purpose Statement both approved

Aside from the two elections decided on Tuesday night, the local hospital and school system in Charles City, both had an item on the ballot:

The school district’s proposal to spend SAVE funding in a particular fashion, passed with a huge majority; 78% to 22%. This is also known as the state penny sales tax fund, and Justin DeVore, the communications director for the school, says residents shouldn’t worry about any form of increased taxing. 


The Floyd County Medical Center, who asked residents to, “Vote YES to keep your health care close to home,” also received approval via Floyd County majority. This means, the hospital has changed in the Iowa Code from Chapter 37 to 347. This will allow county residents to elect FCMC a board, and for the hospital to levy taxes in the area. 

The drawback for many is the $33.45 additionally and annually that will be taken from county citizens to help keep the hospital local. 

Josh Litterer, a member of the county, believes this is well-worth it, and posted on Facebook saying, “This increase will only cost $34 per person annually! Figure how much is a tank of gas to go somewhere else for healthcare. For me, I would rather keep a hospital in my backyard.”

Another local, Hunter Nehls, does not agree with the vote outcome:

“So let me get this straight and correct me if I’m wrong, first they jack up our taxes already for the courthouse, then they jack up the water bill for the unnecessary water plant, now they are giving the hospital the okay to jack up our taxes again as they please?”

The The new tax will help pay for the $1.7 million bad debt, $742,000 medicaid reduction, and $247,000 blue cross reduction that FCMC had been paying without this extra support. 

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