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New Charles City city council member Phoebe Pittman speaks on goals and board representation

Newly elected Charles City city council member, Phoebe Pittman, is well-aware of how this years results has bettered the representation on the board itself. Pittman says one of these big upgrades is having a woman on the board.


When Pittman was asked to run for city council, she was initially skeptical it might drain her in other areas of her life. But when she thought about her daughter and the issues that she was passionate about that personally affect children, her teaching-bone took over and made her give it a shot.


Pittman believes that in order to keep the wheels on Charles City spinning, you need to focus on how you treat the youth so that they decide to stay later in their lives.


Pittman received 23.22% of the votes – which equates to 758 total.

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