Otto’s Oasis in Charles City participating in Caring Rose Week

The chill of the winter season is known to slowly drain the outside world of color – the leaves crinkle and die; the grass is smashed and covered. Jeff Otto, owner of Otto’s Oasis in Charles City wants to inject color back into our lives and do some good in the process. That’s why, if you bring two cans of food and $10 to the Oasis this week, you will be gifted a dozen roses to do with as you please.


Otto says there isn’t a limit to how many cans you can donate and that even if you do not want to participate in the promotion, that the sea-like field of roses in the greenhouse is a site to behold.


Again, this promotion runs until Saturday the 16th. It is called Caring Rose Week and is the 21st time this has been held by North American Wholesale Florist. All you have to do is bring in two cans of food and $10 and you get a dozen roses to distribute to whoever might need them.

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