Clarksville pianist James Aissen drops 2nd album at 13 years old

Clarksville, Iowa is known on a micro-scale as a breeding place for musical talent. 13-year-old pianist, James Aissen aims to be the next fixture in the town’s growing discography; eventually hoping to be allowed to tour the country on the back of his musical gifts. Maybe another step in that cloudy direction is the release of his second album titled, ‘Winter Dreams.’


In terms of becoming a prodigy pianist, many believe you must start at the age of 6 or younger. Aissen started at the age of 10, but the minute he stepped behind a piano for his first lesson, something seemed to click and he was punching well-above his class.


To hear Aissen play or keep up to date with his development, follow him on his Facebook page:


Listen to title track Winter Dreams:

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