Former Comet Mattie Maloy joins the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for dedicated volunteers who are willing to spend 2 full years of their life enriching a different part of the world. Class of 2015 Comet, Mattie Maloy, applied to be a Literacy Specialist during college and landed a position in Grenada, a tiny island in the eastern portion of the Carribeans. 


Maloy is currently in Grenada and on her first year of the program. She spends her time teaching language arts, writing, reading, and speaking to kids who are yet to learn it – she traverses the island in her free-time eating the fresh mangoes, and attending festivals such as Carnival. 

The Peace Corps isn’t for everyone, the program insists that you don’t return home for the entirety of the 2 years. Maloy, though homesick at times, says it isn’t something that constantly nags at her.


Maloy says she has been thinking about her post-Peace Corps career a lot lately, and believes she knows what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

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