How to make sure your windshield never freezes again

Easily one of the most aggravating portions of the winter months is waking up to a frosted windshield. The solution to this epidemic has been widely debated. According to Reader’s Digest, a simple fix is buying an onion, cutting it in half, and rubbing one of the ends directly on your window the night before a big frost. The oils of the onion may or may not solve the issue, but as an everyday action could become tedious. Scott Parks of Express Lube in Charles City suggests windshield covers or a chemical fix.


Another solution listed on Reader’s Digest was fashioning a couple of bathroom mats directly on top of your windshield. Parks says the traditional route still has legs.


We may never be able to efficiently solve the mostly Midwest-problem that is frosted windshields. Around the internet, people suggest potatoes, vinegar, or even rubbing alcohol as their preferred fix. However, if you are after an ultimate fix, maybe moving south is the only guarantee.  

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