Presents for Residents in New Hampton and beyond

The holiday seasons can be quite lonely. They can be even lonelier for the older generations. This is why groups go to retirement homes to sing Christmas carols and this is why Cedar Valley Iowa Realty in New Hampton is putting on Presents for Residents this season. An event similar to, ‘Toys for Tots,’ but the focus this time is nursing home citizens.


Danielle Timessen of Cedar Valley Iowa Realty says some great items to donate are soaps, body washes, shampoos, decks of cars, and socks – which they seem to love.


To donate bring your item to the Cedar Valley Iowa Realty office in New Hampton. At a later date, Timessen says they will announce which time and day they are going to go to the nursing homes and they encourage anyone to join – they also plan on playing cards and getting to know a lot of the residents.

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