TLC ‘Grand Plan’ update event

The Learning Center (TLC) in Charles City has been in negotiations with the Charles City community school district in town to bridge the gap between child-care and education. The “Grand Plan” for TLC involves moving their facility into the old middle school at 500 North Grand Avenue. 


Pam Ost, director of TLC invites locals to come to their touring event at the 500 North Grand Building tomorrow, November 19th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The grand plan architect, Dan Levi will be at the event to answer questions and help people visualize the blueprints.

TLC also has a food program titled, ‘Child and Adult Care Food Program,’ that they encourage people to donate to as it pays for all of the formulas and meals for the children. 


Superintendent of schools, Mike Fisher will be at the event to talk about the growing partnership with TLC.

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