Charles City city council make decision on fiber-to-home

The Charles City $13 million broadband question has been lingering over the city for more than a decade. The city council meeting last night that marked the decisive culmination of this uncertainty, garnered a packed house. In a 5-0 vote, the city has decided to press-down and okay the creation of the utility board. 


Many locals in attendance agreed with the choice to move forward with the project. Two letters of support from local businesses were touched on.


However, some skepticism was also brought to the meeting. Many wondered how this $13 million would be paid for as Charles City would be the only community in the state vying for this luxury without an electrical utility in the area to help funding. Chip Baltimore, a member of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance says the council should be asking the big questions before making a decision.


The board went into closed session after the vote to discuss where to house the broadband utility and were unable to come to a decision in that meeting.

If everything ticks as it should, wiring should start by spring of 2020.

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