Molly Barrett unveils ‘History in Shapes’ sculpture on Main Street in Charles City

Molly Barrett, a visual artist that grew up in Charles City, wanted to erect something that could suspend reality for the community. Something that when looked at, would help people escape from their lives and take a momentary dive into the past. Barrett’s sculpture titled, “History in Shapes,” now on the Court House side of the Main Street Bridge, is there to trigger our memories of where we came from.


Barrett willed every single piece of the stone and metal by herself and all 2,800 pounds of the piece, was manifested by her artistic will – and by accident.


The Charles City Public Art Committee pushed hard for this sculpture and helped raise the $9,000 needed to fund the project.

Barrett says the piece will stand the tests of time and weather. She admitted it was one of the major days in her life – something she will hold onto until her final days. But Charles City, will be holding onto History in Shapes and will hopefully garner the type of attention Barrett envisioned.

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