Osage e-sports team finish 2nd in the state

So much for parents telling their kids, “Video games are a waste of time.” The video game industry is forecasted to be the world’s largest market by 2022. Just last year, video game revenue hit a milestone of $43.3 billion. This continued influx of cash-flow has budded ample careers in both video game creation and e-sports. In that wake, Osage community schools conjured up their own e-sports team in 2018 and the program has shown some real promise – this year finishing 2nd in the entire state.


Superintendent Barb Schwamman says many of these kids are getting scholarship attention from area schools. And coupling this team with the new $13 million Osage school renovation, is going to allow the school to host the upcoming Top of Iowa E-sports Tournament in early April. 

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