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Presidential candidate Tom Steyer unveils housing plan and talks Charles City

Charles City has been in the midst of a housing problem for the last couple of years – but according to Tom Steyer, a self-made billionaire and democratic candidate for president, the entire country is dealing with one. Today, Steyer unveiled his four-pronged housing plan at the Art Center. The first prong involves increasing the amount of affordable housing in the country, the second is combating homelessness, the third is rebuilding family wealth, and the fourth involves doing all the other clauses – just sustain-ably.


Charles City recently held a housing round-table to troubleshoot the lack of units in the area. Steyer says having looked around the city, there are numerous spots he could envision housing. 

“Steyer’s plan will invest more than $625 billion over ten years in existing housing programs, create 3.5 million units of affordable housing, and mobilize an additional $600 billion to foster climate-smart cities and affordable housing,” said a press release.

Steyer says this current government has failed both rural Americans and farmers – keeping the ethanol industry happy is important to him. He also says connectivity for rural America is just as pressing.


Charles City’s city council recently green-lit the creation of a broadband commission and is a step closer to this connectivity that Steyer envisions for Iowa.

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