First Security releases pro-tips to avoid financial ‘frostbite’ this holiday season

Some people can get carried away during the spending season, and end up with less in their bank accounts than they hoped. Our friends at First Security Bank in Charles City, released a list of 5 pro-tips to exiting December without that unnecessary debt:

Summarized list :

  1. Create a steady budget and stick to it
  2. Make a list of who will be getting gifts
  3. Don’t shop last minute and check multiple stores before purchasing
  4. Keep track of expenses each week and keep acknowledgement letters of any charitable donations
  5. Look ahead! Set aside some cash for next year’s gifts

“There are so many people to shop for during the holidays, and big sales can make it easy to overextend your finances in the hustle and bustle of the season. It’s essential to map out a holiday spending plan to avoid financial stress in the New Year,” said Matt Bradley, AVP/Marketing Manager.

To read full un-summarized tips and article:


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