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Chickasaw County elected officials getting 3 percent pay bump; sheriff 7 percent

A pay raise for imminent for the elected officials of Chickasaw County. Many wondered if they could attract and keep talent in positions like the sheriff if they didn’t bump these salaries by a proposed 14 percent. The Compensation Board shot down this request and settled at a cool 7 percent raise for the sheriff position and 3 percent for the left over elected officials.

Tim Zoll, presenting for the Nashua area said, “We’re the 63rd largest county in the state and we’re 64th on sheriff’s salary. I’m not sure what the problem is.”

The board argued this wasn’t a fair comparison as many counties have part-workers. Comp Board member Roger Hansen said, “I know it’s a lot of money but we have to keep up with the times.”

The raise amount is not official but it will be voted on as a resolution in the next Comp Board meeting.

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