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Floyd County still with 2nd highest unemployment rate in Iowa

The monthly unemployment rate is out for the Iowa Workforce Development and the state is stuck at 2.6%. This trending of water has allowed other states to catch-up and puts Iowa squarely in a 5-way tie for 5th in the country with Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Virginia. 

Floyd County, following the major closing of Simply Essentials who employed over 500 people in Charles City, has been locked as the county with the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the entire state. 

This downtrend has the legs to continue as Kmart is set to close in February of 2020. 

Director Beth Townsend, Iowa Workforce Development said, “Despite a slight increase in the number of individuals unemployed, the total number of Iowans working continued to increase in November. The interest and need in growing our skilled workforce remains at an all-time high as our unemployment rate remains low and we continuously have more openings than people to fill them. The statewide collaboration, support and participation in Future Ready Iowa is what is going to help Iowa close our skills gap and ensure continued economic growth.”

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