Charles City high school renovation conversation about to heat-up

The new-ish Charles City Middle School has been a brag-worthy fixture in the town for a couple of years now. It has brought the area and its students a ton of benefit – but, its beauty and newness has done something even more glaring. It constantly accentuated the flaws and old-style of the high school. 

Local and former city council member Jim Davis sounds-off on the subject:


Superintendent Mike Fisher recently recommended that at the next board of education meeting, the group should attempt ways to start a discussion with the community about possible high school renovations.

This comes after the board received the results from their community survey – which indicated the town wasn’t ready to ‘ok’ a bond in order to fund the possible fix-up.


Fisher believes if the city is more aware of the issues the high school is facing, the city will be more willing to help or provide feedback on how to supplement the problems.

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