There is no protocol in Iowa for students who come to faculty with suicidal thoughts – a Charles City social worker is trying to change that

Depression is mostly a silent problem. But in the state of Iowa, our schools still don’t have a protocol for when children reach out and admit they are having suicidal thoughts. Jenna Haglund, the social worker at the Charles City Middle School, thinks this is crazy – especially because it is 2020.


When Haglund discovered this blind-spot, she contacted state representative Todd Prichard to help her draw up a bill. And just this week, Haglund received a draft of the bill.


The bill seeks to not only create this tool for how to operate when the student needs help, but also how to re-enter children back into school after this problem is supplemented.  


Prichard will soon bring this bill in front of committee members and legislators for feedback. At the very least, he hopes it will start a conversation and propel the state towards clarity on this blurry topic.

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