Student ambassadors lead tours of Washington; Superintendent talks ISASP scores and community facility awareness

The first Charles City school board meeting of the decade was held inside Washington School last night. Principal Kara Shannon and a half dozen student ambassadors were in attendance to give tours of the environmental changes of the campus. 

The two major presentations of the night included the facility community engagement plan and the ISASP scores.

Superintendent Mike Fisher explained how a recent survey showed the community is less aware of facility improvement needs. In order to fix this discrepancy, Fisher is having the schools hold student-led tours of the facilities, large town halls to discuss the needs of the facilities, and probe community members for ideas and constructive information. 

When the ISASP scores were returned last year, it showed a large gap between the statewide average and Charles City students in every category. Fisher and Lincoln School Principal Marcia DeVore presented the scores and reassured the general public that the schools will be working to supplement these scores.

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