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Charles City locals attend march and service for MLK Day

In late 2019, the Floyd County Board of Supervisors placed President’s Day as a paid county holiday in lieu of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. They made this change to spread out the time-off calendar. However, locals such as Charles City Board Member Phillip Knighten spoke out against this decision. Knighten said he didn’t believe the supervisors were being ‘insensitive’ rather, they may have just been ‘unaware’ of the importance of the day.

Today, Knighten held an MLK Day service and collaborated with the supervisors to honor King’s legacy. Supervisor Linda Tjaden presented the, “Proclamation of Equal Rights,” that the group had put together.


The full program included a prayer from Reverent Coulter Page, a biography reading by Pamela Miutchell and Frank Rottinghaus, several presentations, and a cover of “We Shall Overcome,” by the Charles City Singers.


Charles City student Kaleb Davis even reenacted King’s “I Have a Dream,” speech.


The festivities concluded after the attendees participated in a Civil Rights March across the Charles City Pedestrian Bridge.

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