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FCMC first tax asking nearly $500,000; public hearing set for mid-February

Before the 2019 vote made it official, the Floyd County Medical Center was one of only two county hospitals in the state not receiving help from county tax dollars. This was a huge financial burden for FCMC and many believed, without this assistance from Floyd County, the area could one day lose the hospital altogether.   

This changed when the county voted in a 2 to 1 margin to allow the hospital to levy taxes. Administrator Rod Nordeng says with this help, the hospital promises to continue to deliver babies locally and to create cost reductions in any area they can find. 


FCMC recently set a date for a public hearing on the first levy – February 17th at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room at the hospital. At this meeting the public can ask questions and discuss the first wave of property taxes. Nordeng believes they will be around $485,000. This will cost each household approximately $34.

Nordeng says he is ecstatic the county decided to back the hospital in this way and explains some of the changes the medical center is going through.

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