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Pete Buttigieg Shares Message With New Hampton Crowd

New Hampton, Iowa 2020- Pete Buttigieg made a campaign stop in New Hampton on Wednesday night. The stop comes just five days in front of the Iowa Caucuses, when Iowa caucusers will start the nation’s process of candidate selection.  Buttigieg shared a message that included the need for building a sense of community. “Mayor Pete”, as Buttigieg often goes by, stated, “It’s a good time to run Washington like some ofourbest run cities and town. The toughest decisions we face come at the local level”, pointing out his experience working one on one with people as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg spoke to a full house at the Chickasaw Events Center, spending the majority of his time answering questions from the crowd, including one that came from a nine year old student at Crestwood Elementary. The student asked Buttigieg about bullying in schools and what Buttigieg might do to help.  Buttigieg responded by talking about culture. “We’re going to treat everyone with a level of respect, but I can’t do it alone.” Addressing the young man Buttigieg continued, “I’m hoping that you will have a level of power to do something about it too. I promise I will do my part and I hope you’ll join me by doing your’s too.”  Mayor Petewill make appearances in Decorah, Independence, andMarshalltown on Thursday. The Iowa Caucuses will be held Monday, February 3rd and will start at 7:00pm. Locations for your caucuscan be found at the following links: 


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