Rotary Radio Auction full details!

In the market to hear some fast-paced radio salesmanship? This Saturday, February 1st from 9 a.m. to noon, is the Rotary Club’s annual radio auction. The festivities can be heard on all three stations: 95.9 FM, 103.3 FM, and 1580 AM. Rotary Member Tammy Elthon says some of these items are showstoppers.


A 100-plus items will be sold on-air during the auction and all the proceeds will be getting recirculated back into the Charles City area – via scholarships and city projects. 


For businesses who are still inclined to donate to the auction, President Kay Winkelman can be contacted at 228-1000 during normal business hours, before the Friday deadline.

After the auction, a won item can be picked up at Circle K in Charles City. Elthon reminds winners to bring cash or a check in the exact amount of the item.

To see a list of all the items, visit the Rotary Auction Facebook page. And remember, listen live, DO NOT attempt to live stream the auction as it has a delay.

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