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Iowa caucus information (Where? When? Why?)

Today, Iowa is special. Today, Iowa is the first and only predictor of this nation’s future. Democratic candidates for months have known that the path to the White House runs through the corn state, and finally the big day is here.



Tonight, doors open at 6:30 p.m. and you must be in line by 7 p.m. Caucus attendees will be ushered to their chosen candidates location in their precinct and devote unwritten loyalty to that figure – as well as discussing policy positions.



Democratic Nominees:

According to, the RCP average is predicting –

Bernie Sanders 24%

Joe Biden 20%

Pete Buttigieg 16%

Elizabeth Warren 15%

Amy Klobuchar 8%

Andrew Yang 4%

Tom Steyer 3%

Tulsi Gabbard 1%

Mike Bloomberg N/A

Republican Nominee:

Donald Trump



Republican Locations:

Floyd County: 

  • Washington Elementary School – 1406 N. Grand, Charles City, 50616

Chickasaw County: 

  • Chickasaw Event Center – 301 North Water Avenue, New Hampton, 50659

Mitchell County: 

  • Milt Owen Nature Center – 18793 Hwy 9, Osage, 50461

Democratic Locations:

Floyd County: 

  • Charles City: Charles City High school – 1 comet Drive, Charles City, 50616
  • Floyd/Cedar/Niles: Floyd Community Center, 706 Fairfield St., Floyd, 50435
  • Rockford/Ulster: RRMR High School. 1460 210th St., Rockford, 50468
  • Rock Grove/Rudd: Central Springs Middle School, 509 N. Iowa St., Nora Springs, 50458
  • Scott/Union/Pleasant Grove: Walter F. Bohle Community Center, 520 College St., Marble Rock, 50653

If your precinct or county is not listed above, or you want to check your exact address for location information click one of these two links:

Repubilcan information:

Democratic information:



The last 10 democrats who won Iowa, 8 of them went on to win the nomination for president. So the caucus’s are very predicative of the future 2020 presidential race.


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