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Charley Western Trail Bridge reconstruction delayed a year

The bid is in – and it is too high! Charles City is pushing back the Charley Western Trail Bridge reconstruction project until September 2021. The city estimated the project to cost $1.2 million. The only bid received by the council asked for $1.6 million – way higher and monopolized than the board predicted. John Fallis the city engineer suggested the council reject the bid and reevaluate during the May 2020 bidding window.


The council rejected the bid and decided the time frame was too short and took Fallis’s suggestion to reopen bidding in May. 


According to Mayor Dean Andrews, the community should expect the bridge by September of 2021 – a year later than most expected. Andrews says it could be done as early as June of 2021, depending on the water levels during construction time in the summer.


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