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Charles City Main Street bridge to be repaired; possible paint job

The Main Street Bridge in Charles City is not in dire need of repairs – Mayor Dean Andrews wanted the locals to know it is not under any threat of falling down as a car drives over it. TAccording to City Administrator Steve Diers, the bridge isn’t even in bad enough condition to garner funding from the state. 

But, the bridge was examined recently and it was determined that the arches have fill that needs to be solidified. This will involve the city paying to have 10,000 pounds of polyurethane material put into the arches. This will theoretically create a better seal for the arches, so water is not able to get in. 

Diers says this shouldn’t cost millions of dollars – instead, it should cost thousands. The city is also looking into repainting the bridge, but this will be rediscussed at a later council meeting.

The letting date it set for February 27th.


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