Charles City schools to celebrate Black History Month with special lessons and activities


CHARLES CITY, IOWA — Charles City Community School will celebrate Black History Month in February with a variety of educational and enrichment activities. African-American history is part of the year-long curriculum at each of our campuses, and teachers and students will take extra time throughout the month for further exploration of significant historical figures and events.


First-grade students performed a historical comparison of students from history and students of the 21st century. Students researched one-room schoolhouses and compared those to modern classrooms. This progressed to reviewing schools in the past that looked different due to segregation. One of the stories they experienced was The First Step by Susan Goodman. Students looked at the characters, Sarah Roberts and Linda Brown and compared their classroom experience to today’s Charles City Experience.

First-grade students were shocked to learn that historical, students were segregated based on one’s skin color. The lesson learned was that “every big change starts with a first step.”


Black History Month Challenge Bulletin Board –Students at Lincoln Elementary School are invited to identify famous Black leaders and their accomplishments from brief descriptors on the bulletin board.  Students who are able to correctly identify the leaders will be recognized at an all school assembly.

Challenge like Rosa

Dream like Martin
Lead like Harriet
Believe like Thurgood

Build like Madame CJ

Speak like Frederick

Write like Maya

Lead like Harriet

Fight like Malcolm

Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks – 4th grade students will attend a matinee performance at Gallagher-Bludorn at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. The event, sponsored by the Elementary School Parent Teacher Association tells the story of Rosa Parks, with music and drama, from her childhood in rural Alabama to her famous decision to “sit down and be counted.”

The play dispels myths about Parks and her protest as it paints a portrait of a complex woman who had to find reconciliation within herself in order to become an effective Civil Rights leader. Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks shows how the determination of one individual made all the difference in the struggle for freedom and equality in the United States.

Black History Month Student-Led Assembly – February 5, 2020 2:45 p.m.

Lincoln Elementary School Gym 3rd and 4th grade parents are invited to attend


Black History Month Music Study – Students will learn different historical heritage songs and significant music for example, “He Had A Dream” and “I Have A Dream”. Students will learn the historical significance and perform while learning about famous composers.


Students will present a display on people who they self-selected as “amazing people who made an impact.” Students will research 11 people and create multi-media posters that show their life and impact. Students will also present the posters to an authentic audience of peers and community members with a gallery walk through Comet Gym.

Students have self-identified the following individuals to research and present.

Rosa Parks

Ruby Bridges

Kobe Bryant

Muhammad Ali

Harriet Tubman

The Little Rock 9

Colin Kaepernick

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Barack Obama

Jackie Robinson


A student group is presenting information on influential African Americans and how they impacted our current society. Students will be setting up a fair for students to view the information during CC WIN time and during lunch. The student group is also working to evaluate our current curriculum offerings to ensure that essential African American history is included for all students year-round.


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