100% RESULTS ARE IN: Buttigieg wins Chickasaw County; Klobuchar ties for win in Floyd County

Many people outside of the state believe the only real advantage to living in Iowa is that every four years you get to be among the first group choosing a political contender. Most of the same people, don’t think Iowa is demographically representative of the country enough to pick first at all. 

This year, the anti-Iowa caucus naysayers received a thorn in their cap as it is February 6th, three days after the results were projected to be released, and the dial is still sitting at a measly 97% report rate. The misstep is reported to have been a result of a ‘coding error’ with the caucus app. This delay will not categorically affect the results, but the damage of the slip-up has already been widely noticed. 

Iowa Caucus Leaderboard (With 100% of Iowa precincts reporting):

  1. Pete Buttigieg SDE’s: 564 Percent: 26.2%
  2. Bernie Sanders SDE’s: 562 Percent: 26.1%
  3. Elizabeth Warren SDE’s: 387 Percent: 18%
  4. Joe Biden SDE’s: 341 Percent: 15.8%
  5. Amy Klobuchar SDE’s: 264 Percent: 12.3%

Chickasaw County Caucus Leaderboard (100% of precincts reporting):

  1.  Pete Buttigieg SDE’s: 2.31      Percent: 33%
  2.  Joe Biden SDE’s: 1.54      Percent: 22%
  3. Elizabeth Warren SDE’s: 1.19 Percent: 17%
  4. Amy Klobuchar SDE’s: 1.05      Percent: 15%

Floyd County Caucus Leaderboard (100% of precincts reporting):

  1. Pete Buttigieg SDE’s: 2.33 Percent: 23.3%
  2. Amy Klobuchar SDE’s: 2.33 Percent: 23.3%
  3. Joe Biden SDE’s: 2.22 Percent: 22.2%
  4. Bernie Sanders SDE’s: 1.56 Percent: 15.6%

Mitchell County Caucus Leaderboard (100% of precincts reporting):

  1. Amy Klobuchar SDE’s: 2.03 Percent: 33.8%
  2. Pete Buttigieg SDE’s: 1.43 Percent: 23.8%
  3. Joe Biden SDE’s: 1.05 Percent: 17.5%
  4. Elizabeth Warren SDE’s: 0.75 Percent: 12.5%
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