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Charles City city council to most likely purchase 808 North Main Street property

The Charles City city council is still sitting on the option to buy 808 N. Main St. or alternatively known as Cal’s Auto Repair. Earlier in the year the city paid the $2,000 option and will now need to pull the trigger by February 22nd.

All indications point to it being a theoretical done deal.

The property will cost $170,000 and was originally going to be used to house the telecommunications center for the broadband project. The Charles City Telecommunications Utility Board voted to buy the 813 N. Main St. location instead. This is where the City Tap used to sit and cost the city $190,000 already.

By all reports, the 808 location could soon be under ownership by the city and could eventually help in efforts to redirect Main Street down the road. The property could be used for parking for the center as well.

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