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Senator Grassley visits Charles City High School; talks Democratic favorite; environment; Tump impeachment trial

Senator Chuck Grassley took his annual trip to Floyd County – and spent it with the kids. He held a Q and A session at the high school and opened the floor almost immediately for student questions.

The first student was anything but shy and asked Grassley:

Why did you vote against allowing witnesses during the Trump hearing?


Grassley divulged both his prediction for the Democratic nominee and which candidate he would choose if given the option.


A student asked about the government’s responsibility to saving the environment and Grassley cited his 1992 ‘Wind Energy Tax Credit’ deal as a way America should be supporting the world – but also believes there is a much larger issue facing the sustainability of the Earth.


Grassley finished by explaining how valuable it is to get in front of young audiences to unravel his politics.

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