Charles City schools bond question put on hold; locals encouraged to come see facilities

In 2019, the Charles City School District released a community survey on how they can best troubleshoot their many facility needs. And 62% of local ‘respondents indicated their potential support of a school bond if the tax impact was $9 or less per month and covering the projects outlined in the narrative portion of the survey’.

According to multiple locals, the Charles City High School is due for some renovations. Most point out, the ceiling is deteriorating; the circle format of the hallways are unsafe for school emergencies – and the district is inviting locals to see-for-themselves. 

Josh Mack Charles City Board of Education President says, “We thank Charles City Community Schools families for sharing their thoughts and opinions on the survey.  We hear you, and want to invite you to visit our facilities.”

62% of respondents is a majority, but according to Communications Director Justin DeVore and a press release, the school is not going to put a school bond question on the March 2020 ballot. 

This means, to give people time to come see the problems with their own eyes, any possible high school renovations will be put on hold.

Another standout statistic from the survey indicated, ‘nearly 79% of respondents said they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I believe the district’s most urgent facility needs must be addressed now.”’

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