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FCMC continues to recruit for a pediatrician and an internal medicine physician

At a press conference held on Thursday, Floyd County Administrator Rod Nordeng and Dr. David Schrodt announced that support has been given to continue work on the potential recruitment for a both a pediatrician and an Internal Medicine physician to enhance services at Floyd County Medical Center. 

Although the recruitment of these two positions may take months, if not a couple of years, Nordeng explained why the announcement is being made at this time.


Dr. Schrodt explained how the two positions would benefit both the patient as well as the care provider.


Schrodt said the recruitment for hiring any family practitioners and OB physicians has been complete for the year 2020 with the addition of several physicians planning to join the clinic and hospital in the near future.

He also explained the difference between a family practice doctor versus an Internal Medicine physician.


Schrodt said both the Internal Medicine physician as well as the pediatrician would see patients both at the Floyd County Medical Center Clinic as well as the hospital.

There will be more on this story next week. 



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